Seasonal Service Package

Car Engine at Precision Kaster Auto


Precision Kaster Auto’s Seasonal Service Package Includes:


  • Complete sections A, B, C and D of our vehicle inspection report.
  • Replace the engine oil and filter with up to 5L of 5W30 or 5W20 semi synthetic oil. Full synthetic oil is an extra charge.
  • Reset the maintenance reminder system for you.
  • Test the battery and charging system and provide you with a printed report and advise on the condition.
  • Install your mounted winter tires for you.
  • Store your off season tires for you.
  • Top up the washer fluid.
  • Vacuum and wipe down the interior.
  • Most cars, minivans and small SUVs: $179.00 including tax
  • Most trucks, vans and large SUVs: $199.00 including tax


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