Mission Statement

To Reduce Stress, Costly Breakdowns & Save Our Clients Time & Money We Will:

  • Book your next appointment tailored to your time schedule

  • Perform inspections for safety & maintenance every time on every vehicle

  • No surprises! Never proceed with any maintenance or repair work without client authorization

  • No surprises! Never present an invoice that is more than the most current estimate

  • Advise clients of all manufacturers recommended services

  • Provide new warranty inspections and online search for all manufacturer recalls

  • Provide highly skilled diagnostic technicians to accurately solve the toughest problems

  • Source and provide parts considering quality, price & availability

  • Provide and maintain responsible environmental practices

  • Provide a personalized and competitive warranty (1 yr/20 000kms)

Through these principles we will continue to be a professional service provider to all our clients and their referred family and friends.