About Us

Here at Precision Kaster Auto, it is our job as your vehicle service provider to keep you informed of your vehicles condition at all times.

Explaining what your vehicle needs today as well as what it will need in the future is OUR responsibility. We do this so you can plan and budget accordingly for your family or your businesses needs. As well as reduce unexpected, unplanned, and unwanted breakdowns.

It is your vehicle, your time, and your money. It is you that has the final say in what happens with your vehicle.

Let us at Precision Kaster Auto give you the professional advice to make an informed decision regarding your vehicles maintenance or repair.


A clean, spacious, state-of-the-art-shop means a pleasant experience for you! Fresh coffee, free WiFi, toys for the kids while you wait.


Servicing your vehicle should be simple! Use our Complimentary Shuttle while your vehicle is in for service.


No surprises, we will tell you exactly what needs to be done, how much it will cost, and when you’ll be back on the road.


  • Enjoy the large, seated, welcoming area
  • No more waiting around. YOU are our first priority, and will be addressed when you walk through our doors
  • We’re here to help! There’s no such thing as a silly question
  • Free WiFi, fresh coffee, toys for kids while you wait
  • Convenient, free parking


  • There’s always a trained professional available to answer your questions
  • We service ALL MAKES of vehicles!
  • Use our Complimentary Shuttle service
  • Chipped windshield? Want to show your vehicle some love? Precision Kaster Auto offers windshields and detailing services


  • We offer a 12 months / 20 000km Peace of Mind Warranty
  • New car? No problem, we offer Warranty Approved maintenance service and repair
  • Precision Kaster Auto will automatically book your next maintenance appointment according to YOUR schedule
  • Precision Kaster Auto will never present an invoice larger than the cost of the most current estimate


Our professionals will give you advice to make an informed decision regarding your vehicles maintenance or repair

We Service All Makes & Models